Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm so excited

Gibson's own words about school today.


Anonymous said...

Our little grown-up boy had a great first day!

Anonymous said...

omgodness have you read my blog lately? I am in the greatest quandry of a lifeime about the homeschool debate. I have a zillion books to sway me either way. I am reading a new book called Keeping our childrens hearts. It is written by a family who homeschools. I LOVE creative correction. Mrs. Pat (from MOPS) gave me a copy when we were in MOPS. We talked to the kids before this school year and asked what they wanted. they wanted to do both, and now Katie cries and begs me to homeschool her. Alie, at dinner LAST NIGHT says "I wish mommy was my teacher" wes, is having the best school year ever is like sure i'll do whatever. WHAT TO DO?

love you and thinking of you!