Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Haven's new room

We started with a green room with plaid wall paper and little doggies as a border. I did have to scrape off the doggies. Believe me, they did not want to leave, but Haven's pink room did not include doggies.

I need to remind everyone about the room change. We decided that when Gibson turned 5 we would move the 2 boys in together and let Haven have her own room and we would paint it whatever color she wanted.

She of couse chose pink! Since it already had wallpaper I decided to "embrace" the wall paper and not fight it.

The kids came with me to the wall paper store and had a blast! I never knew wall paper could be so exciting! (I also never knew that it could cause a sweet inoccent girl like me to want to curse)

Here's the before with painted walls and primer painted over the wall paper.

She loves her sweet flowers. She helped me put them on the wall.

Last night was her first night in her own room BY HERSELF!

She did much better than I expected. She only got up once last night.

So, Gibson and Elam were in the other room. Gibson slept on his big boy futon.

And Elam was in his crib. (He wasn't asleep yet) :)

Now Gibson says he wants his room to be red!!!


Daniel and Christy said...

I am sad because I can't see the pictures of Haven's new room.

OKeedokey said...

Ok, I fixed it. I'm not sure why it did that. I think I used Picassa to put those pics on the post.

Mel said...

Oh I just love it! It is super cute. I beggged my mom to have a Strawberry Shortcake room and she didn't allow it. Kudos to you for the cool pink room!

Anonymous said...

Now let me see: two boys in one room. Hum, do we need two girls in the other room? :-)
Parents-two, boys-two, girl....oh, I think an even number would be so nice!
And you would need a second dog too, yea, T-W-O!

Two goldfishes? (Okay, maybe not.)
I know Haven will love her own personal room for a long time!

grani said...

Please tell Haven that I LOVE the room!!! It is gorgeous! It looks like a "Papa" room. You did a great job. I hope she will continue to sleep in there by herself.

Daniel and Christy said...

Haven, I LOVE your pink room! It looks very nice. You did a good job helping mommy put the flowers up!

Love, Aunt Christy