Monday, August 27, 2007

Gibson's first day of school!!

This is Gibson Andrew Littleton

Today was his first day of school.

He took his red tote bag and headed toward the van.
I had my camera ready to capture every moment.
"Ok kids, say preschool!"

We parked and headed for the school. I saw fellow moms and dads and grandparents with their camera and camcorders capture their own "first day" moments. I knew I was in the right place.

Gibson's buddy Ian and his brother Connor arrived minutes later.

We waited in the lobby till 12:30.

I need you to picture 20 or so kids with their tote bags. Each kid had at least one and sometimes two parents or grandparents with them. ALL were snapping pictures and video taping. I felt so comfortable with all these other adults who couldn't stop taking picture after picture.

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Gibson and Ian were summoned into the "Kingdom of Learning."

Gibson looked for his picture.

This is where Gibson will hang his tote bag.

EVERYTHING was fine for me up to this point.

Gibson and I had waited anxiously for school time to come.

It was a happy time for both of us.

He was so excited.


As we were about to head toward the room,

Gibson turned toward his sister and hugged her and said,

"Haven, I'm going to miss you!!

He did that all by himself.

I was still able to smile (and take pictures)

Finally, it was time to head toward the big room where all the kids meet.

We had a hard time getting in b/c of the parent traffic jam. I wasn't planning on going into the room, but since everyone else did I decided to too.

This was when it hit me.

All these parents we letting go of their child and entrusting them to these teachers.

Ian's mom kissed and hugged him and I hugged and kissed Gibson.

Then, they headed toward the carpet.

They weren't sure where to sit, but before I headed out of the classroom, I saw them heading toward the front of the room to sit right up front.

The walk back to the van was SO HARD. I looked at Beth, Ian's mom, and said, "I thought I'd be ok, but I'm getting a little emotional." Her eyes were glistening and she said this was harder than she thought it would be. (she was letting go of both of her kids)

I put my sunglasses on and walked to the van. I sniffled a little and decided to call Andrew. He didn't answer, so I called my mom.

All I said to her was that I had just dropped Gibson off at school. I hadn't even gotten to the part about Gibson hugging Haven and she was ALREADY crying!

Somehow I was able to choke out the hugging story. I told her I'd go home and work on my blog.

Well, that 2 1/2 hours FLEW by.

I didn't get a chance to do much of anything.

I laughed at myself.

In the span of 2 1/2 hours I went from crying about letting go to plotting about how I could get more time!!!!!

Ten till 3 we load the van and head back to the school.

We have a sign with Gibson's name on it placed on our visor.

We waited in the car pool lane and a teacher brought me my baby boy.

He had a hat on that he made and was carrying his snack from snack time.

Gibson enjoyed his first day of school.

Call and talk to him about it.

(He will mainly say that he played, but you can ask him what his story was about and ask him what he had for snack)


Anonymous said...

This week is going to be exciting. Next week becomes a routine.
In a few weeks, it's as if you have been doing this forever!
PS: WOW! Gibson looked adorable although I'm not sure Elam was greatly impressed.

Daniel and Christy said...

Yay, Gibson! You are so big now! Have fun at school!

Aunt Christy