Thursday, August 30, 2007

Elam and Haven go to Mother's Day Out

Today was the first day of Mother's Day Out.
It was Elam's first time to go.

Haven picked out her pretty dress.
She was going to have Gibson's teacher from last year.

This is Elam's teacher Ms. Betty.
She said he had lots of fun, but NO nap.
Acording to his sheet he mainly ate and pooped.

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Emily said...


Anonymous said...

Going to Mother's Day's Out makes Haven and Elam feel special too... like Gibson. I'm glad they are enjoying their days that they're not at home. But it makes me realize that their days at home are numbered.
Yea, next year....High School.

Daniel and Christy said...

That No nap was in pretty bold letters...hehe...Hannah NEVER sleeps in the nursery, never has, so I imagine it is the same for Elam at Mother's Day Out. There is too much going on to stop and sleep!

Haven, that was a very pretty dress you picked out to wear!