Monday, August 13, 2007

The baby boy is one

This is how my happy one year old woke up on Saturday.

After a bath, he was ready to party.

The party couldn't start till brother and sister showed up. Elam was so excited to see them.

Grani and Papa brought the decorations and this cute "1" year old hat.

Aunt DiDi was the host of this party. She had a friend of hers make a delicious homemade cake!

Elam had a little taste before the party started.

The only party game was patty cake.

Family picture

Daddy and Opa win the prize for funny face.

Sweet presents and yummy, yummy cake

My thumb sucking one year old

It took a year, but Elam is finally using the sign for "more."

What a great party!!!


Daniel and Christy said...

What a sweet one year old, I hope he stays sweet even when he is 18 months old! haha!

Anonymous said...

Your younest child is a year old. It wasn't that long ago that "Boomer" was your only "child".

Bryant Clan said...

Yay Elam!!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

Rachel Wilson said...

where does the time go? weren't you just here and pregnant? Wasn't my KINDERGARTNER just in your newborn class at FBCJ and Gibson was your only child? Yes, I am pretty sure that was yesterday.

Love ya oodles!