Tuesday, August 14, 2007

10 year highschool reunion

Elam's party was over and it was time to start getting ready for the reunion.
My best friend from highschool, bridget stopped by to say hi to my family before going to get ready.
This is our before shot!

And here is the after.
I traded Bridget for Andrew.

Elam wanted to take a picture too!

Gibson and Haven weren't around b/c Haven was so upset that I was leaving her that night, so, Oma did what any grandma would do and took them to McDonalds!

The reunion was on Mud Island. (Memphis, TN)
This is Nathan. He was basically our only 'guy' friend.

This is Margaret. She and I went to elementary school together. After graduation, we both went to UT Martin, but we never saw each other. It was nice to see her.

This is Natalie. She went to Craigmont highschool and Bellevue baptist church with me. She has gotten prettier and prettier since graduation.

Tracy also went to church and school with me. There were only a few Craigmont Chiefs at Bellevue and we all liked to stick together.

Josh and Andrew, (josh is bridget's husband) didn't think they would have much fun, but everytime I looked over at them they were laughing. They basically were each other's dates.

This is Karri. We saw each other once after highschool. It was in a movie theater bathroom. The conversation went like this,

"I'm getting married!"

"Me too!"

"We met at school."

"We did too!"

"We are getting married May 13th!"


We both got married the same day AND we both had our first child in July 2002.

So, we both won the award for being married the longest. We also got awards for having the most kids. She is pregnant with her 3rd.

The reunion was really fun. Much more fun than I thought it would be. I'm so glad i went.


Daniel and Christy said...

That surprises me that you guys were married the longest and had the most kids; congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Haley, you still could pass for high school. I'm thrilled it was a good time for you and Andrew.

Dee'Anna Midgett said...

Just wanted to stop by to say Hi! I just found out you have a blogsite. Maybe we can keep in touch this way. Talk to you later.