Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The rest of his birthday

Where did Gibson want to go for his birthday dinner? Chick Fila again?? No. Chuck E. Cheese?? No.

McDonalds? yes!

How old are you Gibson.

"I'm five."

After Gibson was done eating he went to play. He immediately wanted to join in on a big boy game of Hide and seek. I'm not sure how old they were. Maybe 7. I was carefully listening and watching to see what the bigger boys would say and do. At first they told him no, but my son doesn't always listen to that word. Eventually they let him play. He doesn't understand that game. (He usually jumps out after the seeker is done counting) They weren't sure what to do with him, but soon they realized how much fun he was having just playing with them, so they continued to include him in their game even though he played it wrong.

After dinner it was time to go home and open a few more presents.

Gibson had a present from Aunt Annaliese.

It was a cool Lightning McQueen remote control car!

Then he opened mommy and daddy's present. Haven helped me wrap it. We had to turn Christmas wrapping inside out, so we put stamps on the plain side. She did a good job with his card. She wrote his name on the front and then put her name inside. I wasn't sure she could watch me wrap and then not imediately tell Gibson what it was, but she didn't.

It's a Home Depot race track!

Boomer got in on the fun too. He would watch the cars go around and around and around. Then, he attacked it!! At one point he grabed the car and took off with it in his mouth!

It was a fun day. I needed a hug though, because my little boy is now 5!


grani said...

This birthday is about to wear me out!! He has had almost as many birthday parties and dinners as Haven gets every year.

OKeedokey said...

I know!! Me too.

stephen lee cavness said...

these pictures make me miss when i was an adopted littleton!

so much fun.. even though every picture of andrew looks liek he hates

give that man a cane sugar dr. pepper!!

-stephen (misses boomer)

a wandering heart said...

Happy belated birthday, Gibson!
My niece just turned 6 this week. I don't want to think about when Hannah turns 5... really, can't we just make time stand still? But then again, we would miss out on the new adventures!

Daniel and Christy said...

It looks like Gibson had a GREAT birthday, even if his Aunt Christy never mailed his card! hehe! Sorry, I'm the very absent minded aunt!

Bryant Clan said...

Goodness. I think all those birthday are going to wear you out! And why wouldn't he want McDonalds for birthday dinner? I would!