Monday, July 23, 2007

pictures of gibson one day before he is 5

Grandma and Grandad and Grandmama came down from Tulsa last night to celebrate with Gibson. He got some very cool gifts.

Another Spider Man suit!!!! (His other one was just about worn out)

He also got a very cool bubble maker set. He and his daddy and sister had fun making lots of bubbles.

The big wand makes giant long bubbles. Gibson kept using the word gigantic.

Grandma asked Gibson where he wanted to eat. He said a restaurant. She asked which one and he said, "CHICK FILA" So, we went out to eat at Gibson's favorite place. Chick Fila!!!


Bryant Clan said...

Hoorah for Chick-Fil-a!!!!!!! YUM! One of my favorite places.

Christi Cavness said...

Uncle Monkey will be so proud!!!