Sunday, July 22, 2007

More fun with my almost 5 year old

My almost 5 year old and his buddies Lightning McQueen and Doc.

Fun bouncing thingy.

Elam is having fun bouncing too. (notice his 3 teeth on top. He also has 3 on the bottom, but the third one is on the opposite side)
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grani said...

What fun!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad it was a great party. You really are going to have a five year old son? Wow!

Daniel and Christy said...

What a cool birthday party! Sorry we had to miss it!

Rachel said...

YOU HAD A ME PARTY! fun huh? you go girl! I can't even beleive our babies are five years old. Are you doing kindergarten this year or waiting?

Rachel said...

Christy's kids are so cute. I did not even know they had become parents for a second time. They are absolutely a beautiful family!

Bryant Clan said...

Fun!!!! I want to play in the bouncy thing! Gibson and Elam are both getting so big. So is Haven, but there weren't any close-ups of her.