Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mommy and Haven fun (in a tee pee)

Earlier we had some family fun time in the tee pee. That time was very short and sweet. Haven and I stayed in the teepee much longer than the other two. Here are some pictures of us.

She wanted a picture with our tongues sticking out.

No words can descibe that smile

Question. Do we look alike?

(and I mean the picture below, not the picture above!!)

Some of Haven's photography

She figured out how to take a picture and then review it.

Picture of her finger.

Her other finger.

Her foot.

Her leg.

And, finally, her knee.

Tee pees are fun!

So are sweet little girls.

1 comment:

grani said...

What fun!! Yes...the older Haven gets, the more you two look alike!