Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lunch party at grandma's

Tuesday was my little boy's 5th birthday.

In the morning he got up early and got in bed with me. He slept late and missed a call from his cousin Bernard. He was just waking up when I asked him how old he was. His sleepy little face lit up; so proud to hold up all 5 fingers on his little hand. Then he got a phone call from his Grani. She and some friends of her sang him a happy birthday song. Then papa called to wish Gibson a Happy Birthday.

On Tuesdays Gibson and his sister go to Grandma's house. Today she threw Gibson a lunch party. Aunt Norma came for the fun.

Gibson got another great truck that holds cars. He and Haven got cool squiggly writing pens and some books.

Aunt Norma gave him a cool spiderman shirt and car.

(by the way, he is wearing his cape from his Superman suit that Oma gave him)

These are hot dog octopusses (octopie??)

They are swimming in sea weed. :) Grandma had a lot of fun with this meal. The kids did too! They were more interested in playing than eating.

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Gibson wasn't sure what to think at first.

Grandma also made chocalate ice cream cones. They weren't real ice cream cones. They were actually brownie and icing cones!! Yummy!!

With sprinkles!!

Yea for Gibson's birthday!


emily said...

Happy Birthday Gibson!

Grandma needs to come ovr for MY birthday! yum!

Michelle said...

Yea! I can't believe Gibson is 5! Where do the years go?