Tuesday, July 24, 2007

a great big package

A great big package showed up on Monday. I told Gibson it was for him from Papa and Grani. After Grandma and Grandad left, Gibson asked me if it would be ok to open it. I told him he'd have to call Grani and ask her. After she said yes, he hurried over to open it. He got a very cool truck that holds all his little cars. Haven got a present too and so did Elam.

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He slept with it beside his bed last night.


stephen lee cavness said...

happy birthday gibson!!!

your old roommate- uncle monkey

Bryant Clan said...

I love the look Elam has on his face in that picture. It's full of wonder! "Oh, it's a car! A real car! Wow! I'm amazed!"

Anonymous said...

The joys of a five year old..!
He got a great truck on his fifth birthday, and he will get another great truck on his 16th???? :-)