Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gibson's birthday party

Today was a fun day. Gibson and Haven had to wait till 4:00 for the big party. We have a few pictures. We have video too for anyone who wants to see. :)

We had a bouncy blow up thingy. We played a couple of games and then we had cake and presents. For an intoverted momma like me it was a huge success. Even Elam had some cake.

I didn't get a good picture of the room all put together. There's a CARS Scene on the walls with Lightning McQueen and Doc. We put Gibson's 2 car carpets and some cars for added decoration.

Here we are playing musical CARS.

We also played pin the wheel on the car.

Here's Gibson's yummy cake. He picked chocalate! That's my boy!!!!

Superman suit from Oma!!

Below is a sweet gift from Gibson's best friend Brady. It's a "Best Friend" picture frame with their picture in it. Brady said he has one too!

Here's the end result.


Anonymous said...

How many children did you have? Wow, Mamacita, you outdid yourself! On one of the pictures I saw your handy work on the wall in the kitchen; it looked great!
When Gibson put on his Superman outfit, he developed major muscles! That's a very important birthday at the age of five. What a fun and special time for your son...and you and Andrew worked hard. Haven and Elam had fun participating as well as the thousand other children you had at the party. :-)Kudos to the photographer..!
I loved the decorations!

grani said...

What a FUN FUN party!! I love to see Gibson behind a birthday cake. He looks SO happy every year. I can't believe this is our 5th birthday cake picture!!!! I'm going to have Papa do one of those picasa pictures of all of the birthday cake pictures through the years, so watch his blog. I will talk to you guys on Tuesday, for the "official" birthday call. I love you!