Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The rest of his birthday

Where did Gibson want to go for his birthday dinner? Chick Fila again?? No. Chuck E. Cheese?? No.

McDonalds? yes!

How old are you Gibson.

"I'm five."

After Gibson was done eating he went to play. He immediately wanted to join in on a big boy game of Hide and seek. I'm not sure how old they were. Maybe 7. I was carefully listening and watching to see what the bigger boys would say and do. At first they told him no, but my son doesn't always listen to that word. Eventually they let him play. He doesn't understand that game. (He usually jumps out after the seeker is done counting) They weren't sure what to do with him, but soon they realized how much fun he was having just playing with them, so they continued to include him in their game even though he played it wrong.

After dinner it was time to go home and open a few more presents.

Gibson had a present from Aunt Annaliese.

It was a cool Lightning McQueen remote control car!

Then he opened mommy and daddy's present. Haven helped me wrap it. We had to turn Christmas wrapping inside out, so we put stamps on the plain side. She did a good job with his card. She wrote his name on the front and then put her name inside. I wasn't sure she could watch me wrap and then not imediately tell Gibson what it was, but she didn't.

It's a Home Depot race track!

Boomer got in on the fun too. He would watch the cars go around and around and around. Then, he attacked it!! At one point he grabed the car and took off with it in his mouth!

It was a fun day. I needed a hug though, because my little boy is now 5!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lunch party at grandma's

Tuesday was my little boy's 5th birthday.

In the morning he got up early and got in bed with me. He slept late and missed a call from his cousin Bernard. He was just waking up when I asked him how old he was. His sleepy little face lit up; so proud to hold up all 5 fingers on his little hand. Then he got a phone call from his Grani. She and some friends of her sang him a happy birthday song. Then papa called to wish Gibson a Happy Birthday.

On Tuesdays Gibson and his sister go to Grandma's house. Today she threw Gibson a lunch party. Aunt Norma came for the fun.

Gibson got another great truck that holds cars. He and Haven got cool squiggly writing pens and some books.

Aunt Norma gave him a cool spiderman shirt and car.

(by the way, he is wearing his cape from his Superman suit that Oma gave him)

These are hot dog octopusses (octopie??)

They are swimming in sea weed. :) Grandma had a lot of fun with this meal. The kids did too! They were more interested in playing than eating.

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Gibson wasn't sure what to think at first.

Grandma also made chocalate ice cream cones. They weren't real ice cream cones. They were actually brownie and icing cones!! Yummy!!

With sprinkles!!

Yea for Gibson's birthday!

a great big package

A great big package showed up on Monday. I told Gibson it was for him from Papa and Grani. After Grandma and Grandad left, Gibson asked me if it would be ok to open it. I told him he'd have to call Grani and ask her. After she said yes, he hurried over to open it. He got a very cool truck that holds all his little cars. Haven got a present too and so did Elam.

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He slept with it beside his bed last night.

Monday, July 23, 2007

pictures of gibson one day before he is 5

Grandma and Grandad and Grandmama came down from Tulsa last night to celebrate with Gibson. He got some very cool gifts.

Another Spider Man suit!!!! (His other one was just about worn out)

He also got a very cool bubble maker set. He and his daddy and sister had fun making lots of bubbles.

The big wand makes giant long bubbles. Gibson kept using the word gigantic.

Grandma asked Gibson where he wanted to eat. He said a restaurant. She asked which one and he said, "CHICK FILA" So, we went out to eat at Gibson's favorite place. Chick Fila!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

More fun with my almost 5 year old

My almost 5 year old and his buddies Lightning McQueen and Doc.

Fun bouncing thingy.

Elam is having fun bouncing too. (notice his 3 teeth on top. He also has 3 on the bottom, but the third one is on the opposite side)
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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gibson's birthday party

Today was a fun day. Gibson and Haven had to wait till 4:00 for the big party. We have a few pictures. We have video too for anyone who wants to see. :)

We had a bouncy blow up thingy. We played a couple of games and then we had cake and presents. For an intoverted momma like me it was a huge success. Even Elam had some cake.

I didn't get a good picture of the room all put together. There's a CARS Scene on the walls with Lightning McQueen and Doc. We put Gibson's 2 car carpets and some cars for added decoration.

Here we are playing musical CARS.

We also played pin the wheel on the car.

Here's Gibson's yummy cake. He picked chocalate! That's my boy!!!!

Superman suit from Oma!!

Below is a sweet gift from Gibson's best friend Brady. It's a "Best Friend" picture frame with their picture in it. Brady said he has one too!

Here's the end result.