Sunday, June 24, 2007

The kids are home!

My kids are home! While they were gone we put wood floors in and bought them a new Home Depot Mac carpet for their cars to race on.

Today Haven helped Andrew make leamonade

Elam wanted to help too!!

He discovered his own special place in our kitchen today.

He is so adorable!!

Here are some of the many fun things Gibson and Haven made a VBS last week with Papa.


Daniel and Christy said...

Wow, I might need you to come put wood floors in my house sometime. Especially now that Hannah is allergic to the world!

Anonymous said...

What a terrific vacation for the children...! If that happens every year, they would grow with such anticipation for this journey. I love to see their smiles!

Papa Lyndel said...

We had a wonderful time together. And VBS was a lot of fun. I'm doing VBS again this week at my new church! Grani and Papa are pooped!