Monday, June 04, 2007

busy busy

Sorry I had to do a massive blog.

It's been a busy month of May.

One of the highlights was a visit from baby Ben. (and his mommy, daddy, sister, papa and grani)

After their visit we took off to Arkansas for a wedding. All the cousins got together for a few pictures.

Later that same week Opa had a bus trip to OKC.

We had lots of fun at his hotel room and looking at his bus.

He even watched Gibson and Haven for me when I went to teach dance.

May was exciting because, not only is it mother's day and my anniversary but it's also recital time!! This year was Gibson and Haven's first time to dance.

Last year Gibson and Haven stood up front with me. I guess Elam was there too!

She was very excited to wear pretty makeup.

Gibson's best friend Brady came to watch his performance.

Haven is waiting for her award. She and Gibson (and every other 1st year student) got medals. Look how cute she is!!

Gibson did a great job as the only boy. He didn't mind at all!

After the recital Gibson transformed back into Spiderman.

We then went to Troy's farm. He works with andrew. The kid had fun looking at all the animals.

May was busy and fun, but now it's June.

Next I'll have pictures from our Florida trip plus a few more dance pictures.


grani said...

What a fun month!! I love all of the pictures. I hope June is just as fun.

Anonymous said...

What a busy day for you to to put together such a great summary of the month of May. I don't think you could keep that action up month after month.
Then I remember your oldest isn't five yet, and the elementary years are in the near future. In that case I guarantee you'll think about how slow that month of May was in 2007. :-}

Lauren said...

What a great post!
I love that all your students' outfits are MODEST! I try to attend my friend's daughters recital each year, and I hate some of the costumes that are worn... including by the instructor!

Bryant Clan said...

Gibson and Haven are so funny! Elam is getting to be such a cutie pie! Tell the Haven that she looks very pretty in her make-up! And tell Gibson that he is very handsome in his Spiderman costume.

Daniel and Christy said...

Haven looks so pretty - and so tiny next to the other dancers!