Friday, June 29, 2007

Hi ho cheerio

I couldn't help myself.
This really cute baby had a cheerio stuck to his forhead and I just kept snapping pictures!!

(no cheerio in this shot, just a really cute smile)

funny face

I wish this one wasn't blurry

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Andrew's award

Andrew received an award from Dell for being the manager of the quarter.
Here he is shaking hands with one of the "big daddy" bosses of Dell.
This boss man was actually sitting at our table during dinner. Dinner was wonderful, but it's always a strain for me because you have to try and talk to people. Well, Andrew is now able to talk to any body about anything. I know that shocks some of you. Anyway since several of the people at the table were originally from Texas, Andrew asked about the beaches there. He mentioned we had just returned from Florida. Everyone at the table suggested we skip Texas beaches and keep going to Florida. Then, the big boss spoke up and said it would be just as easy to travel to Cabo Mexico. Andrew nodded in agreement and I smiled. The conversation was not over yet! The boss man would not let it drop. He was really putting on the pressure for Andrew to commit to taking me to Cabo. I was getting a BIG kick out of the whole thing because I know the whole reason Andrew asked about the Texas beaches was for future "family" vacation. Now, because it was the big boss suggesting this romantic getaway, Andrew couldn't just cut him off. He could tell Andrew wasn't too eager, so he started telling me about how easy and fun it would be. As a joke, I asked the big boss for his email so I could ask him about more details on the trip. Imediately he reached for a pen and gave me his email address. He and I joked about planning the whole trip and just letting Andrew in on it after it was all planned! He even mentioned it to the entire room when he gave Andrew his award!! Later on Andrew said he can't believe I got the big bosses email address.
So, what do you think....... if one of the big bosses of Dell tells you to take a vacation, do you take one just because he said to??????

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pretty flowers

Andrew has been wanting to take pictures of bugs in our back yard. Instead he took some pictures of these pretty flowers. (I don't know what they are)

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First time swimming this year

If you've been watching the weather, you've seen that we have had rain for days and days. We did have one bright day, so we went swiming. Haven was not happy. Later she told me she was worried about Elam falling in.

Elam and Gibson had a WONDERFUL time.

Eventually Haven was happy again and enjoyed her time in the pool.
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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The kids are home!

My kids are home! While they were gone we put wood floors in and bought them a new Home Depot Mac carpet for their cars to race on.

Today Haven helped Andrew make leamonade

Elam wanted to help too!!

He discovered his own special place in our kitchen today.

He is so adorable!!

Here are some of the many fun things Gibson and Haven made a VBS last week with Papa.

Friday, June 15, 2007

In case you are looking for my children........

If you are wanting to see pictures of my two older children you'll have to tune into Papa blog

Papa and Grani came by our house on the way home from San Antonio. It was a quick visit. Too quick according to Gibson and Haven. When Papa and Grani started packing up, Gibson started putting on the pressure. He has always amazed me with his persistance!

So, when Papa and Grani left today, they left with 2 extra kiddos! (waving goodbye)

I'm glad Gibson and Haven get to visit with their Tennessee family.

I'm also glad that this next week is VBS in Joelton. Gibson and Haven missed VBS here b/c we were in Florida.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

To start at the beginning.........

Scroll down to, "Our trip to Florida. (Started in Dallas)"

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The flight home

Here we are pre-boarding. It was a much better flight to Dallas b/c Elam slept. When we got to the big Dallas airport we drove home. We got back around midnight on Monday.

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Playtime at the aquarium

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The aquarium

The kids got to see two little penguins up close at the aquarium.
They also got to pet sting rays.

Even Elam wanted to touch.

Can you tell we are standing on a piece of glass above a fish tank. It was a little scary.

This fish below is called a Goliath Grouper!

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