Monday, May 07, 2007

Haven's small body

Most women have a problem with how they look. Most often it's because of the size of certain areas. I myself think I'm a little too wide especially in the "seat" area.
Well, today, my daughter made an important observation.
We were in the bathroom and she said,

"mommy, your body is big so you don't fall into the potty. My body is little, but one day it will be big and then I won't fall into the potty."

So, today I am thankful that my body is big.


Anonymous said...

What an accurate observer Haven is! She knows her physics!

papa and grani said...


Bryant Clan said...

I love that. Angus says that it's good that momma's stomach is squishy, because when he is sick, it's comfy to lay on. That is adorable.

Melissa :) said...

Hi Haley!! I was just thinking of you the other day when I went to the Olive Garden! I was thinking of our picture together with your pregnant belly outside of the restaurant. My, how time flies!! I've recreated my blog, so please visit! It doesn't have any children or pregnant bellies, but it does have what's going on in my world. I'd love to keep in touch better through the wonderful world of blogspot! :)

By the way, Haven's small body comment made me laugh out loud...from the mouth of babes!! :)