Friday, February 02, 2007

Announcing another miracle

sitting up. (This isn't the miracle)

Look at the snow. (Still not the miracle)

boomer likes the snow. (no miracle)

And, finally, the other miracle........ A SLEEPING BABY!

YEP, he started sleeping through the night. I've been getting 6-7 straight hours of sleep.

Last night was different, but it's because he is getting his first tooth!


grani said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so happy that he is sleeping through the night. What a wonderful miracle.

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

When Elam is dreaming, I know he's dreaming about his mommy and daddy.
I guess he has moved beyond his own reality show!
All that crawling and sitting up is his Mt. Everest, and Elam won't stop until he reaches the top. You do have your climbing shoes ready, don't you?