Thursday, December 14, 2006

Santa picture (with out mom!!)

This is the first time in a while that I didn't have to be in the Santa picture. All three of my kiddos were happy and Santa was really sweet. He asked them if they had been good and if they had picked up their toys.

Tonight was Gibson and Haven's Christmas program. They go to St. Marks every Thursday for Children's Day Out. When I first signed them up for CDO the director mentioned the Christmas program to me. She said it was very special and she was right.

Now, my faithful Blog readers will remember that Thanksgiving 2005 was Gibson's first singing debut. I wrote about it so everyone would know that he was scared and ran off stage. Well since then he has been off and on with his performances. Tonight he was a different boy. He sang and danced and said his line perfectly. Haven was beautiful. We bought her a special dress and new shoes. She was very shy, but stayed up on stage. Here are some pics of Haven in her dress and Gibson dressed as a shepherd and YES, I have lots of video for everyone to see when they come and visit.

She's not upset..... she's just making a silly face.

The cutest shepherd in the whole show!

Elam enjoyed the program.

One of the reasons Gibson was ready to perform was because he has made his first best friend at CDO. His name is Brady.

"This is Brady. He's my best Friend."


grani said...

I LOVED all of the pictures! I am SO proud of Gibson for doing a such a good job. I think he is the cutest little shepherd I have EVER seen. (and I've seen a lot of little shepherds) Haven and her dress are beautiful!! I'm so glad to get a Santa picture. I have 3 "first Christmas" santa pictures by my TV and was just waiting for #4. I love you guys....see you soon.

Papa Lyndel said...

I have been in and/or directed about 500,000 Christmas programs and I can gaurantee that Gibson is the cutest shepherd that has ever been around! Haven's big girl dress is beautiful. And to see all three with Santa is soooo cute. I need to hold Elam. He doesn't know his Papa!

Christy said...

How cute! I'm so proud to see Gibson up on stage - with the other children! Tell the babies I said hi! We miss you!

Michelle said...

How sweet Gibson having a best friend! He's gotten so big!!