Friday, November 24, 2006

Introducing SPIDERCOWBOYMAN and his cute sister and brother

SPIDERCOWBOYMAN and his trusty steed.

Haven shooting her web too!

Elam is 3 months old.

Who does he look like now?


grani said...

Spidercowboyman made my day!!! That is SO funny! I love the cowgirl, too. And baby Elam is more adorable than ever.

Papa Lyndel said...

It's always great to have another super hero around. I think this one is my very favorite. I'm also glad his sister has great powers too. I'm not sure who elam looks like now.

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

My only hope is that twenty years from now, a famous director will create another "Spiderman" movie for the big screen and cast none other than Gibson. "Our" Spiderman would live on!!!

"The Spiderman and His Trusted Horse"..? Well, it could work,... maybe!

God picked a star from another galaxy and sent that star to you. "And the parents called him Elam."

Give Haven a couple more years and both brothers will be completely under her spell.

Emily said...

I'm partial to "HalfNakedCowGirlMan" myself! Have you been letting them play in nuclear waste again?

PS. We missed you this week!!!!

Andrew said...

Dad, what do you mean you don't know who he looks like? You are trying to spare Haley's feelings. She can handle it, she thinks I'm good looking.

grani said...

hahahaha!!! I didn't even attempt to answer that question about who Elam looks like. You are right...Andrew. We were trying to spare Haley's feelings. I really wish that he looked like her, but I have 28 year old pictures that match those. Sorry, Haley!!! I love you!!!

Papa Lyndel said...

very strong genes

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

I can see that! There are so many Littletons that God had to create their own galaxy of stars!