Thursday, October 26, 2006

This past week

Last Thursday my daddy had a bus trip to OKC. Gibson and Haven were still in TN, so it was just Elam and I. We went to eat with him and the Senior group from a church in Mt. Home. We also got to hang out with him on his bus. (Don't tell Gibson and Haven)

Saturday I got my kids back and got to see Hannah and her momma.

Tuesday was my birthday.

And here is a cake with 27 candles on it........... Happy Birthday to me.

I got home made birthday cards with poems.

From Gibson........
You get up early to play with me
WOW! What a momma
You let me go outside to pee
WOW! What a momma
You let me wake you up at night
WOW! What a momma
You teach me what is wrong from right
WOW! What a momma

I love you

How sweet was that???

Haven wrote me one too.............

You love me when I'm happy
You love me when I'm sad
You love me when I'm even
really Really bad
you love me late at night
when I wake you with a scream
And that's why you're the greatest mom the world has ever seen.

I threw myself a party at my dance class.

Enough about me..........................................Check out these cute clean kids.

Soon we get to see Halloween costumes!!!
Here's a preveiw of one.


grani said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love the bathtime pictures. Spiderman is a little scarry looking. I can hardly wait to see how everyone else dresses up.

Emily said...

They sure are cute and clean! Elam's smile is SO beautiful. I love that dimple. And Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

I tried to Post this on your b-day but the computer froze up!
I miss you so bad! Wesley finally got san assistant in school. It has been a major God Send. His grades are coming up he has had consecutive good days in a row. That hasn't happened since well ... ever! it still hasn't happened at home but Baby Steps! Speaking of Babies, he is SO SO SO SO SO CUTE!
Your older than Me now!
Love Ya!

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

My favorite are the poems. Read those poems often; they're truly are messages what love is.
The pictures are the same-O, same-o: cute, adorable, cute, adorable, cute, HAPPY FACE, adorable.
Now we know inside that Spiderman costume is a clean boy! :-)
I love this blog!

Daniel and Christy Davis said...

OOPS! October 24th - when was that? My days are so mixed up! Sorry I forgot to e-mail you on your birthday! I have told everyone since February sorry about not sending a card but usually I still e-mail! I hope you can forgive your favorie sister-in-law!


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