Monday, October 16, 2006

happy guy

Look at this Happy guy! He had a great time in Arkansas visiting his family and seeing his Aunt Robin's new apartment.
He is also 2 months old now.

Haven says Aunt Robin is all grown up now.

We had a fun afternoon at the playground with Aunt DiDi, Aunt Annaliese, Aunt Robin, and Oma

Oma had a great time with all her grandbabies.

Grani and Papa got to see all of their grandbabies in Arkansas too AND...............kidnapped Gibson and Haven.

Check out Papa's blog for pictures.
(If he has time to do a blog post...... he will be extra busy with these two!) :)


Anonymous said...

So will you be coming to TN to retrieve your small children? Elam is so handsome! He is growing so much. Guess What? Wesley finally got an Aide in school. I have only been trying for an assistant since he was 4! If I could get one at home that would be really great! Miss Ya babe!

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

How many ways can we say cute and adorable? I guess every time we look at your children's pictures, these words pop out. It may have to come to the point to look in the Thesaurus dictionary, but, even then, none of those words could measure up to those three children. Now for Oma, there are definite words that can accurately describe her, but this is not the time to delve into the dictionary. Now is the time to look at those cute and adorable pictures of the children! :-)

grani said...

grani and papa are having a blast!! we haven't slept since Friday night, but that adds to the fun! Your babies are wonderful. Hannah is here too and she is really enjoying having her cousins to play with. i'm sure papa will post some pictures, but right now he is coloring a picture.