Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fun with daddy jammin in the garage

Wednesday was a fun day for the Littleton crew. It actually didn't start out that way. I was super tired from dance the day before and the kids made a mess with their breakfast cereal. All that combined made me emotional and I cried. (not over spilled milk, but over spilled cereal) :) Ha! Sorry if that was too corney.

Anyway, after Andrew woke up, things changed. He is playing for church Sunday and needed to practice. He took the kids to the garage. Gibson grabbed his wiggles guitar. Haven was already in her new "dance clothes" and was ready to dance.

Here are some cute pictures of their "jam" session.

Elam enjoyed the music.

(I have some cute video of the kids playing with daddy, but I can't figure out how to put it on here.)

Gibson is wearing his dance pants. I bought them dance clothes b/c Thursday was their first official dance class with mommy. They did a great job.

And, a note about my emotional melt down.......... Gibson has informed me that I'm not supposed to cry in the kitchen and that he will hold me if I get sad.


grani said...

I LOVE the pictures and the videos!!!! What fun! What has Elam gotten himself into? I'm sure he will be able to hold his own.
As for the melt-down....Good for you!!! You deserve a good melt-down every now and then. Let Gibson hold you and you will get better. Better yet....stick everyone on a plane, come to Nashville and we will hold you. ;-)

Papa Lyndel said...

Yes, yes. Nashville is the place to come. Your oldest is such a compassionate guy. Send me the video and I will put it on my blog.

Papa Lyndel said...

OH, and I forgot to mention how adorable all of the pictures are. I'm so glad you all have a family that sings and plays and dances!

stephen lee cavness said...

i want to jam with "daddy" in his garage...


*looks at old 'ebeneezer" photo*


-stephen (*sniff*)

Michelle said...

If you can't cry in the kitchen, where are you supposed to cry? You can't be alone anywhere else!!!

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

Weren't there a couple of TV series where the family gets together and jams? They end up on the stage, and, low and behold, the series of them jamming made them alot of money?

I think the Littletons have potential! :-)

Diana Chiles said...

I love the dance clothes! What a precious story! Laughter and tears . . . that is what life is all about . . .

In the end, it's the laughter, the music, the dancing that we remember.

I love you!

(I liked Stephen's remarks!)