Monday, August 07, 2006

Still no baby

Still waiting.......BUT it's going to be so much more fun now that baby Hannah is here!
She came late Monday. She joined all the others who are already here. Papa, Grani, Oma and Aunt Robin and now Aunt christy and baby Hannah.

We went to Chuck E Cheese Tuesday.

Here's Aunt Robin with Haven

And guess who this is??????? Yep, that's me, on a skee doo ride. It bumped me up and down and still no baby!! (I was tricked into riding this. I was just going to sit on it for a funny picture)

We also went swimming. Hannah looked so cute in her swim hat.

And did I mention, still no baby?


emily said...

We've been SOOO patient!!!! It's getting tough. Keep posting anything and everything because you know we're all checking daily! We are praying for you all. It's good that you have so much help there!

Mel said...

I've been checking daily as well! I can't wait to see picts on here of the new baby! Such an exciting time! We are praying and wish you a speedy delivery!


Anonymous said...

Hey It's Rachel! I am hoping that since you haven't posted since monday that is b/c u are soaking up the new baby & not b/c you are so preggers your no longer mobile. I miss you and wish you a fab. delivery. I love ya girl! Kiss those babies!!!