Saturday, August 19, 2006

MORE PICTURES, baby dolls and bye byes

Here I am with my daddy. We have a new game on the computer we play every night.

This is my pack n play. I haven't been in it much, b/c people like to hold me.

I'm doing my puckered lip look here. Mommy thinks it's funny.

My sister Haven puts her baby next to her bed, just like mommy has my bed next to hers.

My brother was taking care of another baby. He named him Junior.

Mommy, daddy and I are a little sad today. My Oma and Aunt Robin left today and they took my brother and sister with them. I'm happy about the time I will get with mommy and daddy, but I will miss all the hugs from my siblings and Oma and Aunt Robin.


Anonymous said...

OH wow what a break for you. I know you are gonna miss them like crazy. I hope you and Elam and Andrew are doing great, during your bonding time. I hope you are well!

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

Honey, that is precious about Haven and her baby, and Momma and hers.