Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lady in Waiting

This is a picture from my pregnant belly photo shoot about a month ago. My friend Allie is also going to take some newborn photos of Elam when he comes which I thought was going to be tonight!!!!

Yep, I had my hopes up for a few hours tonight. Not only had my dad come to town for a quick visit, but I was having some good contractions. So, I thought tonight was the night.
SADLY, the contractions stopped. Maybe they will pick up in the night or tomorrow.

Of course one of the first things for Gibson to show his Opa is..............................................................................

Mommy's new computer.

He opens the computer, clicks on his name, clicks twice on the 'e' and then goes to his favorites and choses Playhouse disney or Nick jr.

There is even a game where he types in his name. He doesn't get it right all the time but he is getting better.

Lots of Smiles

Every pregnant Lady in Waiting should be as blessed as me to have family and loved ones around. Robin has been staying with me for the past few weeks. She has been such a help.


Emily said...

Haley, you are addorable! And blessed to have such a good family that's helping out!

Southern Girl said...

Haley, you probably don't remember me, but I'm Shari, Andrew Long's sister from Bellevue -- I think he's about your age and was in the Senior choir with you. I was Annaliese's first grade Sunday School teacher. Anyway, I just happened to stumble upon your blog the other day and I wanted to tell you what a beautiful family you have and how nice it is to see picture of Annaliese and Robin all grown up.

I'll be praying your little one's birth goes smoothly! (By the way, Andrew's going to be a first-time dad in February. :)

Mindy James said...

Haley, I admire you and Andrew so much for this big family you've created so quickly.
Wishing you happy birthing!

lauren said...

haley & andrew, congratulations on your beautiful family! i was was wandering around cyberspace tonight, found some links to names of bloggers i recognized from the bsu on a caring bridge site... and found you. you may or may not remember me, but i'll still be praying for you and baby to have a healthy delivery!

lauren said...

i thought i should probably "introduce" myself. this is lauren v. from utm. well, i don't go by my maiden name anymore. i'd love for you to swing by my blogs and "meet" my family :-)

Bryant Clan said...

You poor thing! We can't imagine why he hasn't come yet! We ahd to do without Lyndel on Sunday, but you needed him more. You're in our prayers.