Friday, August 11, 2006

He's Here!


was born today around 1:30 (sorry I forgot to get an exact time from Haley)
He was 8lb 13oz
21 inches long

I have lots of pictures but Blogger is not cooperating right now. Please stay tuned for pictures! (sorry blame blogger - there will also be pictures on and as soon as blogger cooperates!)

By the way - HE IS BEAUTIFUL!


Brando said...

YAY!!!! we have been thinking and praying for all of you guys. hope all is well.

lauren said...

I cleared the history on my browser, and then the post with pictures I added to my blog showed up. You might try that....

Southern Girl said...

The Long family in Memphis sends its congratulations! So happy the little fellow arrived safely. :)

Joe and Louise Chiles said...

Congratulations to you on Elam's birth. We didn't know you were expecting! I can't imagine that Haley's mom kept that a secret! We hope things are continuing to go well for all of you. And I was so happy to see the pictures of Gibson and Haven--beautiful kids. We hope things are going well for you in OK. Love from both of us.