Wednesday, August 16, 2006

He is home

Hi, I'm Elam James Littleton.
I was born August 11th at 1:22 pm.
I weighed 8lbs 13 oz. I was 21 inches long.

I had lots of loved ones around. (by the way, if you haven't checked out my Papa and my Aunt Christy's blogs, you need to)

My Papa, Grani, Aunt Christy and cousin Hannah had to go home. I miss them very much.
My Oma and Aunt Robin are here helping my mommy. They spend lots of time with my big brother and big sister.

I've been eating very well. Mom is going through lots of diapers.

Tonight I had my first bath.

I can't wait to have a real bath one day. My brother and sister have lots of fun in the bath. They wanted me to take a bath with them tonight, but mommy said no.

Here I am with my Aunt Robin. I had the hiccups.

She loves me very much. Everyone takes turns holding me all day long. My brother and sister HUG me all day long too. At least I think they are hugging me. Sometimes I get red bumps on my head from all the lovin'.


grani said...

These pictures are wonderful! He has already changed so much in just 4 days. Please kiss all 3 babies for me. (just don't tell Gibson that I just refered to him as a baby)

Brando said...

andrew and haley...he is beautiful (as are your other two). have now joined the 3 child club!!! actually I just made that up because we have 3 also! hope all is going well. we've been thinking and praying for you guys.

Southern Girl said...

Aww, Elam, you're beautiful! Congratulations, family! :)

Papa Lyndel said...

This is why blogs were invented! So family a very long way away from each other can see such wonderful pictures. It sure was fun spending the week with you all. Lots of love from Papa to everyone in OKC.

Bryant Clan said...

oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh! HE IS SOOOOOOOO CUTE! He's beautiful! oh! wow it's hard to express my emotions!

Anonymous said...

i just want to be there soooo bad.
he looks just like gibson does now! he is so aMAZING. i am glad oma & robin got to stay. I am thinking of you always!

Anonymous said...

He's beautiful! Andrew said he would yell at you for not giving me the updates... I forgot about your blog... hope he didn't yell too loud. I love you and can't wait to see him in person!!! Fabulous pics of the fam!!

Anonymous said...

He is beautiful! Andrew said he was going to yell at you for not giving me the updates... I forgot about your blog... hope he didn't yell too loud... :-) I can't wait to see him in person! The pics of your fam are fabulous! What a wonderful mom you are! I miss you like crazy! Love you! Melanie