Thursday, August 31, 2006

First day of Children's Day Out

Today was Gibson and Haven's first day of Children's Day Out. Last year they attended Mother's Day Out at our church, but they no longer have a program there, so we found another church for them to go to.

Haven cried at first, but they said she calmed down quickly. She ate all her lunch and took a nap. Here she is in front of where she puts her backpack.

Here's where Gibson keeps his stuff. He was so excited to go. He told me "bye mom" as he walked down the hall to his class with his teacher!

All 3 kids in the car. (please excuse Haven)

Haven has been doing a great job taking care of her baby just like mommy takes care of Elam.

She has gotten really good at wrapping up baby.

Gibson 4,
Haven 2 1/2
Elam 3 weeks


Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

Her first day at a daycare center, first time away from me, Annaliese springs off quickly into new surroundings telling me good-bye in her excitement. (She does that to this day.)
That's what Gibson did at "Mother's Day Out", and that tells you your young man is changing at the age of 4. There certainly will be more to come. Thanks for sharing!
Tell Haven she's a good Mama, even though she can swing her baby to new heights and beyond on the baby's swing.

Papa Lyndel said...

what fun! thanks for he pictures.

grani said...

Gibson and Haven look so big. I'm glad their first day of Children's Day Out went well.

Emily said...

You have such good kids (good looking too)! I can't believe all three car seats fit in the car! I guess it's a little crowded if Haven couldn't fit her fingers anywhere but up her nose. We understand...(At least she's cute!)

Michelle said...

Just more to show all her boyfriends! (the nose picking one I mean!)