Thursday, August 31, 2006

First day of Children's Day Out

Today was Gibson and Haven's first day of Children's Day Out. Last year they attended Mother's Day Out at our church, but they no longer have a program there, so we found another church for them to go to.

Haven cried at first, but they said she calmed down quickly. She ate all her lunch and took a nap. Here she is in front of where she puts her backpack.

Here's where Gibson keeps his stuff. He was so excited to go. He told me "bye mom" as he walked down the hall to his class with his teacher!

All 3 kids in the car. (please excuse Haven)

Haven has been doing a great job taking care of her baby just like mommy takes care of Elam.

She has gotten really good at wrapping up baby.

Gibson 4,
Haven 2 1/2
Elam 3 weeks

Sunday, August 27, 2006

More pics of my 2 week old baby boy

I finally got to meet my Opa! I like the way he talks.

I seem to relax when mommy takes my diaper off. I like to be "natural."

Here I am awake.

Here I am asleep.

Still asleep.

Not happy.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Kids in Arkansas

(little excerpts from my mom's emails) If you don't want to read, just look at pictures from Wed. boating trip.

Aug. 19th

Dear Haley and Andrew,We got here at 21:00. We set the children down stairs with their "mobile" beds. I gave them a choice of movie. Your son picked "Toy Story 2". Having forgotten how long that movie was, I agree. After 23:00 it ended. Haven had left for "Never, Never Land", but your oldest was able to watch every minute with his face reflecting every moment of true joy. AT the end of the movie, the CD music magically began (thanks to Robin); the TV was quickly turned off. I stayed downstairs for a few moments to make sure we would not have any "surprise up- risings" from the little people.

In such a sad little voice, your son first said
" I am so hungry." When that didn't work, he said " I am so sad, so terribly sad." In a calm voice, I replied that I was sad that he was sad and asked him to rock with me. He did and in a few seconds he was sound asleep. Looking down upon him, I realized these were the last few times he would accept my offer of rocking. That made me so sad. However, since I had no one to rock me, I thought I might as well write you to say Good night!

Sunday Aug 20th

At 8:00, I woke up to Gibson's face wearing my old Mousekateer (sp?) hat saying "I want to watch Playhouse Disney." At 8:30 Haven woke up

Sunday evening

Hey hon,

Gibson and Haven are officially invited to visit Joan's daughter, Susan's home on Tuesday. They'll be playing with Joan's grandchildren, Simon and Ethan. Ethan is the altuistic child. He's 4 years old. They have a small swimming pool, so it's a swimming engagement. All of a sudden I have joined grandparents of grandchildren's club in Mountain Home.

Today Haven and Gibson used toys like a telephone and talked to you (pretend) and Opa. I asked Gibson twice if he would like to talk to his Momma later; he shook his head. How I would love to get into Gibson's head. Haven is excited to talk to you.This first day they're doing great, but I'm waiting for the moment when they realize you're far away, not just in another room

Monday 21st
HEy honey!
This morning Haven and Gibson said their prayers. Among Mommy and Daddy, Haven thanked God for her yellow dress, and Gibson thanked God for Spiderman.

Last night, Opa was able to be with his grandchildren, and they had so much fun with him! Opa went to bed, for he left for Chicago early this morning. Later, the children had a most difficult time welcoming Mr. Sandman. Haven was rocked by Robin, and once again I rocked Gibson. I had wrapped him in a blanket in such a way that he looked like a mummy with patterns. In no time he was sleeping away. We were planning to swim today, but it's really cloudy, so we'll see. Haven woke up at 8:00, and we finally had to wake up Gibson after 8:30. Don't you wish that could happen to you?
Love you,

Tuesday Aug 22nd
Hey honey,
Due to their on time bed time, the duo woke up at 7:15. This time Gibson, a minute or two before Haven, runs into my room and declares, "The sun is up; the sun is up! I can get up!"
Very shortly, we have breakfast. Gibson said the prayer, and Haven cried because she couldn't say it first. Gibson's prayer was so sweet, and, of course, you and Daddy and Baby Elam were included.
We have found out that the Wiggles appear on Breakfast with Bear, and after the Wiggles, it's play time. Gibson's concert time is so grand. He uses a triangle ruler I have for his guitar and sings, "You go in; you go out; you go very fast." ...something like that. I should know it; it's sung quite often during concert time.
This afternoon is swim time with Ethan and Simon; it's during their normal nap time though.

They get along with Charlie and Moses, and most important it's vice versa.
Gibson is now standing beside me with the first of many cereal snacks. I asked again what he wants to say to you, as I am writing you. He says he missies you, and that he's in Arkansas.
Haven just showed up. We're into " I want to hold you." stage, as you know. Haven says, "I can't write my mommy." I have to turn the computer off. So, I shall turn the computer off. I love you, honey bunny.

Tuesday afternoon
Hey Haley,
The swimming pool is a deluxe children's pool plenty big enough to splash around. It was only Ethan, as Simon is at school. AS we walked in, Gibson spotted a drum set and a big fire engine, but we managed to have him continue outside. I had told them several times that Ethan doesn't talk, but they should continue to talk to him. Your dear Gibson tried several times, but I think he could sense that Ethan was different. Here is Ethan, a 4 year old locked inside himself and your son, "Gabby, Gabby Do" who relates and is stimulated by the outside world. Both are beautiful looking children.

Haven cried in the swimming pool. She got out and tried again later, but she still cried. She really wanted to join the boys. The next time I know she would. Gibson was a ham and shot everyone with a water pistol.
Do you know a game that your children play? Haven says to Gibson, "I'm Mommy, and I'm going to spank you." And she does!
They both laugh, and I smile. Remember, it's one of many, many games that they must play.
I have more to tell, but Haven just walked in to ask me to get off the computer. 1-4-3!

Tuesday Evening
Dear Haley,
How your children love Opa. Oma bit the dust when Opa arrived tonight. That was fine with me. To see your children recite Swiss German on body parts, as they listened to Opa made me wish I had a video camera. First Haven, and then Gibson. Actually, Gibson said the words before Opa said them because he had listened to Haven and Opa earlier.
Even tonight, Opa rocked Haven, and then Gibson wanted Opa to rock him.
That's touching. I was telling Joan about my rocking the children, and she said that's going to be fun for their parents when the children return home. Goodness, I so wish you could continue that. They fall asleep so quickly, and.....all night. Remember, they'll be teenagers around the corner. I know: that happened to me.

Pictures mom sent from boating on Wednesday!

Big carp at the lake.

(mom's message from Thursday)

Hi Haley,
your cherubs woke up at 6:30, second day for that time. For you, I pray this is only an exception to the rule. I have found out that if Gibson eats right away from waking up, he's more apt to have a brighter approach to the day. Today, I got up to play with the grand babies (by the way Gibson doesn't like to be called a baby) while Opa slept like a baby. Wasn't it yesterday I had coffee in bed?We're having fun, and I shall truly miss them. Haven has walked in and wants me to hold her. I know this is a stage that will soon past, It's endearing. I'll remember those words when she's 18 and nowhere to be found.
PS We're feeding ducks today.

Thursday evenings update

Dear Haley,
Your little boy had his first melt down. This evening the whole family watched the movie downstairs. Haven had fallen asleep before the movie ended. When the movie was over, we turned on the CD, and I started to rock Gibson a few moments.
Tonight was different. He's all wrapped up in his blanket in the rocking chair. He looks up at me, with those big eyes and in that sad little voice he said, " I miss Mommy and Daddy. I want to go out of Arkansas." Then he began to cry. It was so touching because he carries things inside of him until they burst inside. Gibson also told me he missed Boomer and Baby Elam, and he wanted to go out of Arkansas (again). I told him he would leave Saturday, but all he could say was that he was far, far away from Mommie and Daddy. Honestly, Haley, his sweet little voice would have broken your heart. It was all I could do not to call you on the spot, but I knew he wouldn't talk on the phone. (There is only one person he talks to freely on the phone, and that is Bernard, not even to Aunt Di Di.)
So, Haley, your little boy wants to come home, but he lasted a long time experiencing Arkansas. I want him so quickly to be in your arms, so he can feel better.

This last email made me cry. I'm so glad they come home Saturday. Plus, my dad will get to meet Elam!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

MORE PICTURES, baby dolls and bye byes

Here I am with my daddy. We have a new game on the computer we play every night.

This is my pack n play. I haven't been in it much, b/c people like to hold me.

I'm doing my puckered lip look here. Mommy thinks it's funny.

My sister Haven puts her baby next to her bed, just like mommy has my bed next to hers.

My brother was taking care of another baby. He named him Junior.

Mommy, daddy and I are a little sad today. My Oma and Aunt Robin left today and they took my brother and sister with them. I'm happy about the time I will get with mommy and daddy, but I will miss all the hugs from my siblings and Oma and Aunt Robin.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

He is home

Hi, I'm Elam James Littleton.
I was born August 11th at 1:22 pm.
I weighed 8lbs 13 oz. I was 21 inches long.

I had lots of loved ones around. (by the way, if you haven't checked out my Papa and my Aunt Christy's blogs, you need to)

My Papa, Grani, Aunt Christy and cousin Hannah had to go home. I miss them very much.
My Oma and Aunt Robin are here helping my mommy. They spend lots of time with my big brother and big sister.

I've been eating very well. Mom is going through lots of diapers.

Tonight I had my first bath.

I can't wait to have a real bath one day. My brother and sister have lots of fun in the bath. They wanted me to take a bath with them tonight, but mommy said no.

Here I am with my Aunt Robin. I had the hiccups.

She loves me very much. Everyone takes turns holding me all day long. My brother and sister HUG me all day long too. At least I think they are hugging me. Sometimes I get red bumps on my head from all the lovin'.

Friday, August 11, 2006

More Pictures!

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Waiting for Elam

Here are Gibson and Haven waiting for Elam to be born with their cool big brother and big sister shirts!

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He's Here!


was born today around 1:30 (sorry I forgot to get an exact time from Haley)
He was 8lb 13oz
21 inches long

I have lots of pictures but Blogger is not cooperating right now. Please stay tuned for pictures! (sorry blame blogger - there will also be pictures on and as soon as blogger cooperates!)

By the way - HE IS BEAUTIFUL!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Baby Update


This is Aunt Christy reporting. Haley is in the hospital as we speak! She will be induced early in the morning (but she said we can still pray that she goes into labor on her own before that!).

So we will get to meet Elam tomorrow (Friday)!

I will get some pictures tomorrow and post them for Haley. So keep checking! I'll let you know ASAP as new news comes in.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Still no baby

Still waiting.......BUT it's going to be so much more fun now that baby Hannah is here!
She came late Monday. She joined all the others who are already here. Papa, Grani, Oma and Aunt Robin and now Aunt christy and baby Hannah.

We went to Chuck E Cheese Tuesday.

Here's Aunt Robin with Haven

And guess who this is??????? Yep, that's me, on a skee doo ride. It bumped me up and down and still no baby!! (I was tricked into riding this. I was just going to sit on it for a funny picture)

We also went swimming. Hannah looked so cute in her swim hat.

And did I mention, still no baby?