Monday, July 31, 2006

Family in waiting

While we are waiting on baby Elam we might as well work on ourselves to look our best.


Here is Gibson's before shot.

Look at Haven's long hair.

Here is Haven's after shot. (my kids don't always have clothes on, so I figured out a way to "cover" them up)

Aunt Robin took some time to paint Haven's toe nails so she can look cute for baby Elam.

Here is Gibson's after shot.

He has been dressing himself alot lately. (after all, he is a big 4 year old)
However, when you share a room with your sister, it's easy to get confused about issues like boys wearing capris pants.

(They really aren't capris pants. They are cute little bootcut pants, but when you put them on my long and lean son, they look like capris!)

They've also had some fun times with dad lately. Even though it's 3,000 degrees outside, Gibson and Andrew went to play with his new ball and bat.

It's an action shot. See the ball? Andrew said he did pretty good.

Tonight Andrew laid down to play a quick video game. Next thing we saw was Haven and Gibson heading to their room to get a pillow and blanket to lie down next to dad to play too.

Mom and dad need haircuts too, but I don't think you need to see it. Do you?


grani said...

hahaha! I was laughing really hard at the "capri" picture of Gibson and one of my store managers called. I couldn't even remember where I work when I tried to answer the phone. She laughed too, when I told her about the picture. I'm glad you guys are staying busy while you wait. Papa and I are pacing!

Papa Lyndel said...

We definitely do NOT want to see haircut pictures of you and Andrew if you wear the same outfit Haven was in when you get yours cut! I'M READY TO DRIVE TO OKLAHOMA!

Michelle said...

I just want to see your cute baby belly before it's empty! Praying for a safe & healthy delivery!