Monday, July 31, 2006

Family in waiting

While we are waiting on baby Elam we might as well work on ourselves to look our best.


Here is Gibson's before shot.

Look at Haven's long hair.

Here is Haven's after shot. (my kids don't always have clothes on, so I figured out a way to "cover" them up)

Aunt Robin took some time to paint Haven's toe nails so she can look cute for baby Elam.

Here is Gibson's after shot.

He has been dressing himself alot lately. (after all, he is a big 4 year old)
However, when you share a room with your sister, it's easy to get confused about issues like boys wearing capris pants.

(They really aren't capris pants. They are cute little bootcut pants, but when you put them on my long and lean son, they look like capris!)

They've also had some fun times with dad lately. Even though it's 3,000 degrees outside, Gibson and Andrew went to play with his new ball and bat.

It's an action shot. See the ball? Andrew said he did pretty good.

Tonight Andrew laid down to play a quick video game. Next thing we saw was Haven and Gibson heading to their room to get a pillow and blanket to lie down next to dad to play too.

Mom and dad need haircuts too, but I don't think you need to see it. Do you?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's been so long

Our computer died.
We got a new one finally.

I have so much to update on, but I will try a quick short and sweet post just to keep you up to date on the Littletons.

We removed wall paper from our kitchen. It's still not done, but we did paint the living room.

Andrew worked the 4th of July, but we went up to Dell and watched fireworks in the distance.

My son turned 4 years old Monday the 24th!! He had such great fun with his great grandparents.

AND, I'm still pregnant.

I have a 4 year old!! I can and can't believe it.

He got a phone call from his grani and then his papa. He talked to both of them!
He also got a package from Grani. It was some cookies.

Then his Tulsa Great Grandparents came to town with Grandmama. He got lots of presents and a spiderman cake. We went out for dinner and then went to see the movie, "Cars".

Tuesday we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a birthday lunch with mommy, daddy, aunt Robin and Aunt Norma. (Boomer was there too)

Both kids had lots of fun. Haven has also gotten gifts the last few days. She keeps wishing Gibson "Happy Birthday!"

Well, this is becoming not so "short and sweet"

Here are some more pics.