Sunday, June 04, 2006

Guess who??

Who are my babies huddled around?????????


Posted by Picasa Look at my little girl. She is going to be such a good helper for the new baby.

Gibson on the other hand, may not have the natural gift like Haven to take care of babies.
(He almost dropped Hannah on the concrete during this photo shoot)

We took these pictures outside of Aunt Christy's work. She works at the library at the seminary. The campus is so pretty.

And, one more baby we saw was baby Issac. He lives in St. Louis with Uncle Randall and Aunt Emily. We stayed at there house to break up our trip home. My kids had fun with baby Issac and his toys. Issac just turned one recently.

Up in coming..... VBS and our new car!!


Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

It's so easy to enjoy these little tibbits of the travels and adventures of the Littleton family! How thrill I am that Gibson & Haven have cousins abound!!!!

Now, I can hardly wait to see the pictures of the Littletons with their newest addition, The Tank!

Daniel and Christy Davis said...

Hannah can't wait to see Gibson and Haven again! She had so much fun with them! She can't wait to meet her littlest cousin either!

stephen lee cavness said...

it was good to see ya'll while you were here.. ya'll come back and stay with us again soon.

and daniel and christy... you have a beautful child!!

-stephen (uncle monkey)