Wednesday, June 14, 2006

pool, VBS, new car and bonus photos

Quick snack before swim time.
Haven can swim by herself with her floaties, but she would rather hold on to mommy or daddy. Her Grandma and Grandpa just got her a little boat to float in. She likes that alot.
When Gibson swims, he says he is swimming like a Turtle! I'm the big turtle and he is the little turtle.
Posted by Picasa This is one of Haven's VBS teachers. Her favorite part of VBS was painting. I also asked her what Bible story she heard. She said the red one. (The bible they read out of was red) :)

Here is Gibson walking with his class. (I was sneaking around taking pictures of him while I was on break from my class)

He enjoyed playing outside.

Here are some of Gibson's teachers. He took this picture himself. (He wouldn't sit with them for a picture)

Here is our new car.
Yes, it's bigger and so much nicer, BUT incase you are wondering, Our neighbors have one too. (they are in their 70's) Also, Andrew grandparents have one. (same color and everything!) We bought it from Andrew's great Aunt. She gave us a really good deal and now I don't have to worry about driving with 3 children. they will have plenty of room and stay alot cooler.

And just for fun, some bonus pictures. Andrew and I have a queen size bed. I want you to notice that I am NOT in the picture b/c I am the one taking it. However........ I WAS in that bed just moments earlier. And in case you forgot............ I AM 7 MONTHS PREGNANT!! I think we need a bigger bed.

And here I am with my little girl. We are at a pool party for our small group. Not only did the kids swim with their daddy, but we got to look at cows and chickens.

Coming soon...... Gibson and Haven photography.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Guess who??

Who are my babies huddled around?????????


Posted by Picasa Look at my little girl. She is going to be such a good helper for the new baby.

Gibson on the other hand, may not have the natural gift like Haven to take care of babies.
(He almost dropped Hannah on the concrete during this photo shoot)

We took these pictures outside of Aunt Christy's work. She works at the library at the seminary. The campus is so pretty.

And, one more baby we saw was baby Issac. He lives in St. Louis with Uncle Randall and Aunt Emily. We stayed at there house to break up our trip home. My kids had fun with baby Issac and his toys. Issac just turned one recently.

Up in coming..... VBS and our new car!!