Monday, May 29, 2006

Gibson's picture of Aunt Annaliese

Gibson is getting to be a pretty good photographer. Here is one he took of Annaliese.

After my visit in Memphis, I drove to Nashville. Annaliese came down to Joelton to meet me. She hung out with me that afternoon and night. For dinner, we packed up the kids and Grani and Papa and went to Olive Garden to meet Melissa Greene. She was my maid of honor in my wedding. She is a school teacher.

After dinner, Annaliese and I hung out with Melanie Simpson until Andrew's flight landed. Melanie is my closest friend from college. She is my dancing bud and I miss her very much. She danced in my wedding which is one of my most special memories from my wedding. If I hadn't moved to OK, she and I were going to open up a dance studio.

This is Bridget Philips. She is one of my closest friends from Jr. High through High School. (She is mentioned on my adoption post b/c of her adopted brother Keenan) Her daughters are close in age just like my two kids. We had a good visit. I love seeing her. She and her family moved back to TN the same month Andrew and I moved to OKLAHOMA!!! That was real annoying.

Rachel Wilson brought her kiddos to Papa and Grani's house for some more visiting. Rachel and I met and grew close through the Mother's Day Out program at Joelton First Baptist. She and I had fun teaching MDO and I miss getting to see her every week.

Haven, Katie, Alie, Wes, and Gibson.


Up next........ our visit with baby HANNAH!


Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

I love the updates! Keep this up, Haley. You are on a roll. Your friends look the same; they haven't changed much. Actually, looking back these last four years, you look the same too!

Anonymous said...
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Beauboy said...

I just had to say that this is the first time I have seen you pregnant and I think you look great! It is funny because you were in TN the last two times and the one time I see you in this "condition" you are in Ok. I am glad you had a safe trip and hope to see you next time.

Anonymous said...

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