Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dance recital

My first dance recital ALL by myself was 2 Fridays ago. Usually I have Lyndel or someone else to organize and most of all TALK, but it was all me. As you can see I had "help" from my little ones. They wanted to stand up in front with me as I welcomed everyone.
I had to stand in the back and do the dances, but my children stayed up front to watch. (I feel kinda bad for any of the parents whose pictures have my kids heads in them) Oh well!

Here I am with one of my dancers. My older girls had to dress as children from another country. Isn't she cute with her white face and chop sticks?

The recital was a success. I'm glad it's over though. Right now I have two other ladies teaching summer dance for me. I hope to start back teaching mid September after the baby gets here.
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Stay tuned for more pictures from May.........anniversary........mother's day.......AND our trip to Tennessee and Kentucky.


grani said...

I love it that the babies are standing at the front paying such close attention. I'm ready to see them on stage dancing. Actually....I'm ready to see them in my living room dancing!!

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary!!!
sorry we missed you guys in TN.
I went to Melanie's students dance recital today and I thought of you. it was nice, although I don't no much about dance. :)
~Emily Doss

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

I was there to see the recital and my talented daughter with her talented children and her talented students. They danced so well. It was a talented night!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!

Anonymous said...

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