Monday, May 29, 2006

Gibson's picture of Aunt Annaliese

Gibson is getting to be a pretty good photographer. Here is one he took of Annaliese.

After my visit in Memphis, I drove to Nashville. Annaliese came down to Joelton to meet me. She hung out with me that afternoon and night. For dinner, we packed up the kids and Grani and Papa and went to Olive Garden to meet Melissa Greene. She was my maid of honor in my wedding. She is a school teacher.

After dinner, Annaliese and I hung out with Melanie Simpson until Andrew's flight landed. Melanie is my closest friend from college. She is my dancing bud and I miss her very much. She danced in my wedding which is one of my most special memories from my wedding. If I hadn't moved to OK, she and I were going to open up a dance studio.

This is Bridget Philips. She is one of my closest friends from Jr. High through High School. (She is mentioned on my adoption post b/c of her adopted brother Keenan) Her daughters are close in age just like my two kids. We had a good visit. I love seeing her. She and her family moved back to TN the same month Andrew and I moved to OKLAHOMA!!! That was real annoying.

Rachel Wilson brought her kiddos to Papa and Grani's house for some more visiting. Rachel and I met and grew close through the Mother's Day Out program at Joelton First Baptist. She and I had fun teaching MDO and I miss getting to see her every week.

Haven, Katie, Alie, Wes, and Gibson.


Up next........ our visit with baby HANNAH!

Our trip to see Hannah started in MEMPHIS

Here are the kids in their travel attire. Everyone needs sun glasses and a pirate hat to travel.

Aunt DiDi's house was so much fun! She has cool hats and kitty cats.

The kids left for Nashville with thier Papa and Grani, so Aunt Didi, Robin and I went out for Sushi!!

I enjoyed 2 full days with out my kids. I missed them, but I also got to see some old friends. Posted by Picasa

This is Katrina and her 3 month old Stella. I haven't seen Katrina since highschool. She and her husband moved to back to Memphis recently b/c of the hurricane.

My camera was full, but I also got to see my friend Natalie Hayes, who I hadn't seen since my freshman year of college. She and her husband will be missionaries to Cambodia next year.

This is my friend Karen. She and I went to highschool together. The last time she saw me I was pregnant with Gibson. She is getting married in July.

I got to go see my friend Dawn. (Dawn is mentioned in my adoption post) She had pitures of her wedding and her classes she has taught since graduating. I had fun visiting with her.

And here is Amy. Amy and I have been budies for a long long time. She and her husband Clint took me out to eat. She also tried to give me an Ultra sound at the Vet where she works. Dr. Cooper (amy) and I were not successful in seeing much of the baby, but it was fun trying.

We went to church together on Sunday. I haven't been back to my old church in a long time. Bellevue Baptist has a new pastor and I like him alot.

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to visit with these girls. I'm not sure when I will get to see them all again.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dance recital

My first dance recital ALL by myself was 2 Fridays ago. Usually I have Lyndel or someone else to organize and most of all TALK, but it was all me. As you can see I had "help" from my little ones. They wanted to stand up in front with me as I welcomed everyone.
I had to stand in the back and do the dances, but my children stayed up front to watch. (I feel kinda bad for any of the parents whose pictures have my kids heads in them) Oh well!

Here I am with one of my dancers. My older girls had to dress as children from another country. Isn't she cute with her white face and chop sticks?

The recital was a success. I'm glad it's over though. Right now I have two other ladies teaching summer dance for me. I hope to start back teaching mid September after the baby gets here.
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Stay tuned for more pictures from May.........anniversary........mother's day.......AND our trip to Tennessee and Kentucky.