Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Proud Aunt, Uncle, Papa and Grani

A long long time ago, I promised to publish a blog about my brand new niece Hannah. My sister- in- law Christy and her husband Daniel are in the process of adopting her. Because adoption is so special to me I wanted to do a blog about all my friends and family involved with adoption. I am still waiting on one picture, so in the mean time I want you to enjoy some pictures of Hannah. She is so beautiful. I haven't seen her with my own eyes, but I am so proud to have her in our family.


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To see more beautiful, wonderful, adorable pictures of my niece, please see

(Unfortunately I don't know how to do links to other places)

Papa also has a blog. His is

He has some great pictures of my kids and hannah on his blog!


Papa Lyndel said...

We have to work out a time for you all to get over here to meet Hannah. The adoption will be final in just a couple of weeks! Then she'll be able to leave Kentucky and we can have a big cousins party at Grani and Papa's house.

grani said...

I think a cousins party is a great idea!! I'm looking forward to many summers of "Cousin's Camp". She is a pretty little cousin..isn't she?

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

Haley, your niece is so cute! It's hard to remember how tiny babies are. God puts the cuteness firts and the teenage stuff last. He has a purpose! .....Love you, honey

Diana Chiles said...

When you have that cousin party, don't forget the GREEN cousin, BERNARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aunt Di Di

Anonymous said...

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