Sunday, April 16, 2006

My sister is working on a project for school about adoption. She needed my mom to find some pictures for her. My mom sent them to us via e-mail, so I had to put them on my blog.

Aren't we cute in our Easter dresses? I hope you all had a good Easter.


Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

There is not one person who will see these pictures and not break out in the biggest, biggest smile! You and your sisters are the Supremes in our lives. (w-e-l-l, AND the Pointer sisters and the Mandrell sisters and the Lennon sisters) Ya'll are right up there at the top. :-)

Emily said...

I LOVE the head bands!

Diana Chiles said...

Dear precious niece of mine!
How my heart is bursting from pride! I just left a long comment on your adoption post below, so I will only say here how grateful I am to God for his rich blessings!

Haley, you have brought such joy to my life! Because of you, I have THREE nieces. Because of you, I have met your precious friends Dawn and Bridget, whose stories you share in your adoption blog. Because of Andrew and you, I know and love Christy and Daniel and therefore have been allowed to share in the joy of their adoption miracle, Hannah.

Thank you for sharing your life, your husband, your children, your sisters, your mom and dad, and even your in-laws with me!

I am smiling ear to ear!

With all my heart!
Aunt Di Di

Christy said...

Those are great pictures!

Anonymous said...

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