Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Gibson's photography

My son likes to play with my camera.

Here are some examples of his photography skills.

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Stay tuned for pictures of Haven's first hair cut.


Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

Some self-portraits of creative artists (via canvas or camera) have been known to fetch a pretty penny. I think you're looking at a million dollar baby!

Brando said...

i think you've got an artist on your hands!!! hope all is well with you guys.

grani said...

I love the pictures!! I agree...he will be famous one day and we will have the originals. I can hardly wait to see the hair cut. I'm hoping that she didn't do it herself.

Christy said...

Pepsi? You have Pepsi in your house! The gods must be angry...or at least Andrew...hahaha!

grani said...

Grani and Papa were there when the picture was taken. Sorry for the confusion....the gods are good!

Anonymous said...

The self-portraits look like the pictures from when Daniel took my hundred and one faces of Daniel Doss...but he's 27...hmmm
Emily Doss :)

Anonymous said...

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