Sunday, February 19, 2006

Some random pics

We got a call from our old pal James Maxwell. He was in OKC on business and thought he'd come by and say hi. We had a wonderful visit. James is our Sunday School teacher from Joelton TN. He is a such a great teacher that it was hard for us to find another teacher we enjoyed as much at our new church. We finally did, but we will always miss James's teaching. (not to mention his fun New Zeland accent)

These are some of my dance student from church. They had a talent show at their school and performed a beautiful dance that the previous teacher choreopgraphed. I was so proud.

Here is a picture of me and my blonde headed daughter at our Super Bowl party. (I like this picture b/c I don't have a double chin in it)

This is Haven the day after our Super Bowl party. She looks kind of rough. Must have been some party!!!
(Actually, everyone left at half time) I was in my pajamas by 7:45 that night. That's my kind of party. Short and sweet.

Soon and very soon I will get to post a picture of my brand new niece. Hannah Rochelle Davis.


Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

I couldn't sleep; I got up to change the font on my computer, and then I went to the internet, and then I checked my messages, and then I checked your blog. Seeing pictures of my daughter's family was worth having a sleepless night. :-)
I am so excited; they have a cousin!!!!!! (Besides Bernard)

Emily said...

Cute pictures! Haley, your hair is so long and beautiful! I'm jealous. I'm growing mine out again but mine never looked as good as yours does! You do have two beautiful babies in that house. I hope you're feeling well. Have a good day!

Brando said...

hope that things are well with you guys. just wanted to say hi. Hi. always enjoy reading stories of the Littleton's adventures.

emily said...

Ok Haley, we've been very patient. It's time for a new post. I know you're busy and may not be feeling up to par these days but it's been over a month. We'll be waiting...

Anonymous said...

She doesn't look rough, she just looks tired and might I mention darn cute!