Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Here is my adoption blog. It still isn't complete. I'm still missing a picture of my good friend Dawn. She too is adopted.

Here is Hannah's hospital picture.

She is changing so much every day. Her official adoption day is coming up soon. It will be a big BIG party day! You will have to check out Papa's blog after that day!

Here is Alex and his three little siblings. Olivia is the baby in the middle. She was such a blessing and a mirical. Of course, God had more plans for the Simmermans. LeAnne found out she was pregnant with TWINS not too long after Olivia was adopted. They all call Lyndel Papa back in Tennessee

Here is little Rosa in the red chair.

Here is her brother Will. His adoption was not smooth and swift. James and Sindy, our Sunday school teachers from Tennessee, were trying to be patient and trust God. Little did they know that God had plans for little Rosa to become a part of their family. Becuase Will's adoption took so long they were able to adopt his little sister as well.

Here is one of my best friends Bridget with her adopted brother Keenan. I used to baby sit this little guy when I was in Junior High. Doesn't he have adorable dimples? Bridget has been very helpful to talk to about Hannah's adoption.

And here are my adopted beauties. They look so cute. (And, me, check out those glasses!) Mom, what were you thinking?!

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My life has been richer and fuller b/c of these lovely ladies. One of my favorite memories growing up was when people would come up to my mom and ask her, "How did you end up with a blonde, a brunett and a red head?" She would just smile and say, "I'm very blessed." Annaliese Robin and I would always give each other a little smile.


Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

That brought gallons of tear drops to my eyes. How lucky are these parents because of this word, "adoption"! IF abortion clinics could only see that we're not only choosing "life". We're choosing a child that belongs to God. And parents have an awesome responsibility. Thanks for sharing. By the way your glasses looked adorable!!!

grani said...

What a wonderful tribute this blog is to the blessings of adoption. What blessed children and parents! We are learning that adoption is such a miracle. It is so fun watching God put families together.

Diana Chiles said...

What can I say? This "blog" should be posted in a national magazine for all to read. Reading your words made me cry too! (Remember your mom and me crying when you got that cheerleading award?!) I keep forgetting that Annaliese and Robin are adopted. I always have said that their MIRACLE adoptions were because of YOUR prayers! I believe that God listens closely to the prayers of his innocent adoring children. Your prayers for a "real baby" were so pure and full of faith. It never crossed your mind that God would not answer your prayers. And that is a lesson for us all.

I was so sad when I found out that Christy and Daniel could not conceive a baby. That just didn't seem fair. I remember well the look in their eyes when they were holding Gibson for the first time. It was so obvious to me that these two were BORN to be parents. And I was right! Only God's ways are not our ways. Hannah is so blessed to be placed in their arms and into their hearts. And it will be exciting to see the other children that God still has planned for them!

As for our own two miracles, I thank God everyday for all three of my nieces! Each of you have enriched my life more than you could ever possibly know! How I thank my God in remembrance of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you so very very very much!
Aunt Di Di

Christy said...

What a sweet post. I love it!