Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Here is my adoption blog. It still isn't complete. I'm still missing a picture of my good friend Dawn. She too is adopted.

Here is Hannah's hospital picture.

She is changing so much every day. Her official adoption day is coming up soon. It will be a big BIG party day! You will have to check out Papa's blog after that day!

Here is Alex and his three little siblings. Olivia is the baby in the middle. She was such a blessing and a mirical. Of course, God had more plans for the Simmermans. LeAnne found out she was pregnant with TWINS not too long after Olivia was adopted. They all call Lyndel Papa back in Tennessee

Here is little Rosa in the red chair.

Here is her brother Will. His adoption was not smooth and swift. James and Sindy, our Sunday school teachers from Tennessee, were trying to be patient and trust God. Little did they know that God had plans for little Rosa to become a part of their family. Becuase Will's adoption took so long they were able to adopt his little sister as well.

Here is one of my best friends Bridget with her adopted brother Keenan. I used to baby sit this little guy when I was in Junior High. Doesn't he have adorable dimples? Bridget has been very helpful to talk to about Hannah's adoption.

And here are my adopted beauties. They look so cute. (And, me, check out those glasses!) Mom, what were you thinking?!

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My life has been richer and fuller b/c of these lovely ladies. One of my favorite memories growing up was when people would come up to my mom and ask her, "How did you end up with a blonde, a brunett and a red head?" She would just smile and say, "I'm very blessed." Annaliese Robin and I would always give each other a little smile.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Some random pics

We got a call from our old pal James Maxwell. He was in OKC on business and thought he'd come by and say hi. We had a wonderful visit. James is our Sunday School teacher from Joelton TN. He is a such a great teacher that it was hard for us to find another teacher we enjoyed as much at our new church. We finally did, but we will always miss James's teaching. (not to mention his fun New Zeland accent)

These are some of my dance student from church. They had a talent show at their school and performed a beautiful dance that the previous teacher choreopgraphed. I was so proud.

Here is a picture of me and my blonde headed daughter at our Super Bowl party. (I like this picture b/c I don't have a double chin in it)

This is Haven the day after our Super Bowl party. She looks kind of rough. Must have been some party!!!
(Actually, everyone left at half time) I was in my pajamas by 7:45 that night. That's my kind of party. Short and sweet.

Soon and very soon I will get to post a picture of my brand new niece. Hannah Rochelle Davis.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Forever and a day

OK, so, I haven't posted in forever and a day! So, so sorry.
Here's a quick update.

1. We had ANIMAL RESCUE in our yard a few weekends ago. A racoon had injured himself and was stuck in our back yard. Andrew called animal control. They couldn't catch him and he ran up in a tree. He was so sleepy and hurt that I knew he would fall out any second. Eventually, he did fall. We called animal control again. He wasn't in our yard any more, so we weren't sure if they came to get him or not. Later that night Boomer was barking at something outside. When I turned on the light, my racoon had returned. He was staring right at boomer from the other side of the door. I watched him walk around and around in our yard. He was definetely feeling better and walking better. The next morning he was gone. I was a little sad, but thankful that he was ok. (Plus, racoons aren't a good thing to keep around our house when you have little kids and a pug) The animal control lady said he wasn't rabbid, but still. When the kids see pictures of him they say, "Watch out he bites!" (Aren't you proud Grani?!) :)

2. Andrew's birthday.

Andrew turned 28 on the 8th. I had a special dinner planned for him on the 7th, but he had to work late. The 8th was a Wednesday, so the kids and I went to Choir. When we came home we had ice cream. Thursday was "Dancing With the Stars" so we couldn't go out to eat till Friday.

On Friday the kids went to Grandma and Grandpa's and I took Andrew out to eat. It was a really nice restaraunt. They sat us by the fireplace. They even gave us a surprise appitizer and a surprise dessert. We also had taken Boomer to the vet earlier that morning. He was having his teeth cleaned. They ended up having to pull 4 of his teeth! (Good thing Andrew's birthday money came in right when Boomer had dental problems!!)After dinner we picked up Boomer and the kids and went home.

3. Yesterday was Valentines Day.

Daddy suprised us with flowers, balloons and stickers on our car. Haven suprised us with an eye that was matted shut. Doesn't she look pitiful? So, we had breakfast with grandma and grandpa. (grandma wore her special heart shaped valentines ear rings.) The kids got some cute Valentines. Then Haven and I went to the doctor. Thankfully, it's just a cold in her eye and she looks and feels better.

The kids had enjoyed a visit from Grandma, Grandad, and Grandmama on Saturday. They got cute little bears and candy and got to go out to eat at AppleWoods. Yummy!

Uncle Daniel and Aunt Christy sent the kids some more Valentines which they loved.

Gibson and Haven also got a package today from Grani and Papa. They loved what they found inside.

A whole bunch of Wiggles Valentines and two cute giraffes. They also got a cookie that looked like Curious George.

I think they really enjoyed Valentines Day.

The only other update I have is about my sister-in-law and her husband. They might be really close to adopting a baby girl. Whenever that happens I'll put pictures of her on my blog.