Thursday, January 26, 2006

fun at the lake and andrew's award

These bigger pictures were taken by Gibson during our stay at Texoma. He did a pretty good job!

When Andrew wasn't playing bass for this church retreat, we were out walking in the forest, (or Jungle according to Gibson) looking for Tigers and snakes. They had a pretty cool trail with lots of activities for the campers.

Also, last night was an awards banquet for Dell. Andrew was Rep. of the Quarter. I got to dress up and have a fancy dinner without children!! It was fun.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Christmas Vacation & Haven's birthday

Happy Birthday to my 2 year old. She has a dreaded December birthday. Two days before Christmas. So, it's my job to make sure her birthday is special. I think our whole family succeded this year!!

She had one during the day the week before we left. She had another one later that same day when Oma and Opa came to trade cars.

To celebrate baby Jesus's birthday, our small group from church went to a nursing home to sing songs and entertain the residence.
Haven only had one job. To represent the Broncos who were playing that day. She got to wear her Bronco cheerleader outfit.

Andrew played his guitar and sang, "Mary Did You Know." Gibson stood up there with him. He looks like he is worshiping, but actually he was staring at the light and then closing his eyes because it was too bright!

Friday afternoon we left for Little Rock Arkansas. We stayed the night in a hotel and left the next morning for Joelton.

We got a little bit of sleep and headed for Grani and Papa's house.

After we arrived, (and after we cleaned Gibson up from his car sickness) we headed for Chuck E. Cheeses for another birthday party. (This makes it 3)

We had fun with Grani and Papa and Aunt Christy and Uncle Daniel. Some friends from Clarksville also came.

Christmas was fun at Grani and Papa's house. Papa read baby Jesus's story.
Then we opened presents. The kids had a cowboy theme to their gifts. They got cowboy hats, cowboy boots and little horses to ride. They even got a Teepee to chase indians into.

Of couses there was some artwork to be done. the kids had a blast. Haven got some green the color of this sentence in her hair, but Aunt Christy got it out.

Off to Arkansas!!

They had fun with their Oma,Opa, Aunt didi, Aunt robin, and Aunt annaliese.

Here they are with thier Aunt Robin at the fish Hatchery. We saw teeny tiny trout and GREAT BIG trout.

We also went to feed the ducks. These are the ugliest ducks you've ever seen, but they are all near and dear to my mother's heart. Gibson got some bread into the lake. Haven threw most of her's on the ground.

Here's Gibson sporting his new boots. He and haven wore thier boots for days and days. He even put them over his footed pajamas!

And here is another birthday party for my daughter. We had yummy cake and cherry pie. She got a very cool stroller/car seat for her babies.

Haven helped open all the presents Christmas Eve. Bernard enjoyed spending time with his cousins. (Bernard is the green little boy who belongs to my Aunt) In case you didn't know.

Christmas day we head back to Oklahoma. We had fun with family there for the next few days...... AND..... of course, another party for Haven!!

The kids couldn't get enough of their cousin Baby Issac. There was lots of huggin and kissing.

One of the best parts of this traveling Christmas was that I got to kidnap my baby sister Annaliese for a few days. She was such great help and fun to talk to. (I can only talk about Dora and the Wiggles for so long) The kids had such great fun with her. (They were alot cleaner when she was here b/c she gave them a bath every night. One night she rocked them both to sleep and was stuck until I came to help her.