Tuesday, October 04, 2005


This picture of my hubby and my 2 kiddos was taken this past 4th of July during the fireworks. I love my children very much. They are beautiful and intelligent and full of energy. At this very moment they are probably getting ready for bed. I'm not putting them to bed tonight because they are with thier Grani and Papa in TN. That is why this post is titled Freedom!!!

We had a very exciting weekend. We were flown into Nashville Saturday. We were on a secret mission. The mission was to suprise my father-in-law at church on Sunday.
They were celebrating his 30 years in the ministry.
You'll be happy to know we were successful in our mission! He was very suprised and happy to see us.
That is why my kids are in TN. Grani helped arange the whole thing and she had my full permission to keep my kids for a few days. (Again, why the post is titled Freedom!!!)

We do have some more freedom heading our way. We have found a house and we hope to get it. Our bid was accepted and now we have to wait for all the mess that goes along with buying a house. Soon our Boomer (refer to Boomer's tail post for a picture) will be able to use a doggy door again and not wait to be walked. My children will be able to run and play in thier own backyard. We are so grateful.

The most important freedom we have is in Christ. I just finished reading a book entitled, "Though None Go with Me." (One of the activities that's hard to do with the kids around)
In it, the main character choses a life of obedience to Christ. She endures hardship after hardship, but continues to obey her Heavenly Father. I am thankful that when you become a christian you have the freedom to choose how to live and who to live for. We don't become robots who automatically obey God once we are saved. We also don't have the guarantee of a perfect life once we become a christian. We have the freedom of choice to live for Him and thank Him for sending Jesus for us. No matter what we face.

I have decided to follow Jesus
No turning back, no turning back

Colossians 1:14
God has purchased our freedom with His blood and has forgiven all our sins.


Anonymous said...

AUNT DI DI said . . .
(I can't remember my pass word!)

Enjoy your FREEDOM for now . . . they will return!!!!! I'm no glad the "surprise" went so well.

Aunt Di DI

Daniel and Christy Davis said...

We are so glad that we got to see you Sunday - even though it was for such a short time! Hope things work out for you with the house!


Daniel and Christy Davis said...

By the way I am NEVER up at 6:35AM - so don't believe this thing when it says that is when I posted this.

Arkansas's Swiss Family Imholz said...

WOW! How inspired is this piece of writing that you just wrote! It's beautiful! I'm crying, but not for long. (I have to be strong like elephant, just eat peanuts when I get emotional.) :-) It's the kind of writing that should be published in somebody's devotional book. You have that printed and shared at your church or Sunday School or any place that could change someone's attitude about how to face life.
Of course I'm not talking about the children's part.

Now I'm talking about the children's part. Left alone for a couple of days without the children, and my daughter and son-in-law buy a house. As your grandmother would say, "How about that!" I agree with you; when ya'll move into your new home, Boomer will bark "Freedom!"too. Congratulations! I am thrilled!
And the next time you get "freedom"..what's next..? Love you, Momma

Anonymous said...

I meant to say, "I'm SO glad the surprise went well!!!!!!!" I can't wait unti I see your new home. Congratulations!!!!!!

Love you!

Aunt Di Di


Emily said...

I'm loving the infant stage right now. Thanks to your posts, I'm preparing myself for toddlerhood. I can't wait for Isaac to meet his cousins (and your kids!). Haven is SO big and her beautiful hair is finally growing! It's been too long. Hopefully we'll see you around Christmastime!

Auntie Em
(No one on my side of the family can call me that yet!!!)

randall never said...

Will you let Gibson and Haven use the doggie door, too? That will probably let them have a whole lot of freedom. When they get too big to fit through, they'll be in middle school, then things really get crazy.