Wednesday, September 21, 2005

dancing with the stars

If you didn't see it, Tuesday night was the rematch between the 2 finalist from dancing with the stars. We find out Thursday who won this match and it better be John and Charlotta!
Here are my baby ballroom dancers!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

The princess hat

Last Sunday at church Gibson made a beautiful crown.
He calls it his princess hat.
Andrew insist that it's his King hat or Prince hat.
But Gibson, being a Cinderella fan, maintains it is his princess hat!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

How many people does it take to fix a mommy's dinner??

Sorry I've been too busy this week to post. I have a super crazy day tomorrow, so I thought I'd post right now while I have the chance.

Well, Thursday was my big anticipated Mother's Day out. I had the kids packed and ready with exactly the perfect amount of time for us to get to church by 9:30. They had their bags, their lunches and their bedding. We take it to the car. Load the car and I snap them into their car seats. Since my car keys weren't hanging where they usually do, I assumed they were in my purse.

I was wrong.

I run back to the appartment to search for them. I remember that Andrew had traded cars with me the day before in order for me to go to rehearsal at church. I look on his night stand where he ALWAYS empties his pockets.

I called him at work. No answer. I tried again and then again, but still no answer. (I am on my car phone and back outside with the kids, so don't worry Grani)
I called grandma and she said she could bring me the spare.

So, part of my free morning was eating up, but I am determined to get the kids to church and start my day of freedom. We get there and they walk into their class rooms with no problem.

I did have errands to do, BUT, I was able to eat lunch all by myself, AND, I talked on the phone with NO interruptions!! It was fantastic!

Friday we had a birthday party to attend. It was at 4:30, so it was just me and the kids. This is a place like Chuck E. Cheese, but BIGGER. Amazingly I am able to fix 2 dinner plates for them from the buffet. (Just so you know, it is kinda hard to balance two plates on one tray while keeping an eye on your 3 year old and 20 month old in order for them to not get tripped on.)

They sit and eat with all the other kids and families. Gibson gobbles up his Mac n' cheese so I say, "I'll go get some more."
I come back.
They are fine.
So, I leave again to get myself some food.. As I'm putting food on my plate, I turn around and my friend Carrie has wet faced, red eyed Gibson in her arms. I take my son from her and say, "Thanks." Then, in the distance I see another lady and two pre-teen girls from the party coming with my other wet faced red eyed child. Carrie takes my dinner plate and I take my daughter from this lady I do not know as these 2 concerned pre-teens look on. So now I have Gibson on one hip and Haven on the other. Carrie is nice enough to put a little more food on my plate. We all head back to the party room. Then I look at my children and say, "Look guys, it takes 4 extra people to help mommy get her food!"

Friday, September 02, 2005

Boomer's tail

One of the reasons I wanted to create a BLOG was so that whenever something funny happens I could write it down. I have inherited a horrible memory from my mom, so I am always saying, "That is so funny. I need to write that down."

One of those funny moments has to do with boomer's tail. Andrew asked Gibson, "Where is Boomer's tail?" Gibson points to Boomer's tail. Then he ask him, "Where is Gibson's tail?" (Just to see what he would say or do.) Gibson then pointed to his "tail."
I don't want to say exactly what he pointed at, but sadly, Haven and I do not have one!

Thursday, September 01, 2005


This is my first post. I'm not sure what to write. There are exciting things happening to friends and family. I don't have any real exciting news for all of you out there except that Gibson and Haven start Mother's Day Out next week! That means that next Thursday I will have 9:30 - 2:30 for running errands or scrapbooking or cleaning or I might go to a movie!! I'm getting very excited just thinking about it.

I do have one story I thought I should tell on my very first Blog. Alot of my stories will have something to do with family b/c that is my life. I have 2 wonderful blessing in my life that wear me out! But I am greatful.
I was asked last Sunday at our small group bible study, "What is the biggest surprise you have ever received?" I was in the kitchen trying to feed my kids. I walked into the living room and pointed and said, "These two in here were both surprises!"
That got me thinking back to November 2001. Andrew and I had just gotten back from visiting my family in Arkansas and seeing his Grandparents in Branson. While in Branson we purchased a gift for his parents. This gift was our way of telling his mom and dad that I was pregnant. It was a little pillow that said, "Baby sleeps here." I remember handing them this present and watching them unwrap it. They opened it and stared and then..... they SCREAMED and jumped up and down and hugged. It was so fun.
Now, fast forward to March 2002. AGAIN, I need to tell family that I am pregnant. This time I just said it. I told my mom and she did a little dance. The funny thing is that later when I told my in-laws, Lyndel did a very similar dance. They were all so thrilled. I was in shock!
It took me a while, but I too was able to dance and rejoice. (Now a days I mainly dance to the wiggles)